Ceramic Capacitors 0.1uF - 25 Pack
14 Values with 25 pieces each

Ceramic Capacitors 0.1uF - 25 Pack

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0.1uF Ceramic Capacitors. 25 of them. You need these in your circuit...you just do ok! Well here is the general reason why. Power supplies are slow and when you increase your current draw suddenly by say changing the High/Low state of some pins on a microcontroller the voltage will droop from your power supply. Putting one of these between your Vcc and GND of your load (like your chip) will work like a little reservoir of electrons to pull from while the power supply catches up to what your circuit is doing. The closer to the load the better. They will also filter out spikes and droops caused by other sources as well. So to keep your circuit acting as expected, using decoupling capacitors in just the logical thing to do.

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