Starter Pro Sensor Input Kit
Starter Pro Input Pack

Starter Pro Sensor Input Kit

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Kit Includes:

1 - PIR Motion Sensor
1 - 50K Ohm breadboard friendly Slider Pot
1 - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1 - 10K Ohm High Quality Trim Potentiometer
1 - IR Receiver Module 38 kHz
1 - Hall-Effect Sensor
1 - 940nm 5mm IR LED
1 - Light Dependent Resistor (Light Sensor)
1 - 10K Thermsistor (Temperature Sensor)
3 - Tactile Switches (Buttons)
2 - 2N3904 NPN Transistors
2 - 2N3906 PNP Transistors

Part Legend

This is a great bundle for anyone getting started with electronics or a veteran wanting a great range of inputs. Using this bundle with the Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any MCU platform will give you numerous ways to sense the world around you. This input kit will allow you to sense motion, distance, light, temperature, Infrared, and magnetic fields. There are also potentiometers and buttons for manual inputs as well as transistors to help protect and control the logic of your circuits.

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