How to Do Street Magic - DVD
How to Do Street Magic - DVD

How to Do Street Magic - DVD

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"As a physician who has been schooled by hundreds of teachers and professors over thirteen years of training, I get a little chuckle out of knowing that Brad has been the most capable instructor I've come across, bar none.
- Marc Miller (Physician), Wisconsin, USA.

THIS IS YOUR START in being able to walk into ANYWHERE and create illusion: the Street DVD is packed with 20 mindbending tricks and easy sleight of hand you will learn quickly and easily.

The dynamic DVD combines gritty, stylized footage with superb, hard hitting tricks that use ordinary objects to amaze anyone. - Learn over 20 tricks and flourishes - Simple step-by-step format - Easy to learn! - Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

"My girl's father had his hands on his head, her mother stood staring at me with her mouth opened, and the neighbor, well she actually screamed!!! I mean she SCREAMED..."
-Fernando Cruz - San Jose, CA.

So why does the package work so Well ?

We discovered that people learn in minutes what it takes others weeks to learn when they can actually SEE it being done. It makes a huge difference in your ability to pick things up quickly and easily. It just...'works' way better. It has been proven that people learn better by seeing it done.

The video was shot over 43 days and involves 22 participants. Pick your favorite.

We considered 552 tricks for inclusion in the Package - but then threw out nearly all of them. Why?

This is worth mentioning: because we don't like "plain" magic tricks.

We don't like tricks that just "get a smile" from someone.... or gags or practical jokes. Puzzles. All that stuff may have it's place, but not in our videos. We teach only those tricks that can be done anytime, anyplace. We want you to know the tricks that will stick in people's minds for a LONG time.

"Your [CD] is the best learning method I've ever seen.
I understood things in a few minutes that I've struggled with for literally YEARS in the books I could find. I'm a real right-brainer (music major, you know how we are) and it all just soaks in so well with the [CD]. Thanks again."
-Rick Merritt, Winston-Salem, NC

"I would like to say, the quality of your videos is phenomenal. I have spent a lot of money on gimmicks and gaffs with other online magic shops. Nothing I have done for my classes (I am a high school teacher) has come close to the reaction I got when I did Trick Switch the day after I received Street Magic. You can only do Ultimate 3 Card Monte so many times before they figure…yah okay it is neat, but the cards must be fixed. With this I leave the cards on the table and walk away….it just blows their minds."
- Thanks, J.H., Ontario, Canada

We've never seen anyone, anywhere learn magic so quickly or easily, than with "How to Do Street Magic". We do our instruction on video simply because books and written instructions just don't work the same way. A book DESCRIBES how to do a trick, but it can't SHOW you how to do it.

Brad takes you by the hand and explains not only how to create an illusion in someone's mind but why the psychology works to create the illusion. You will be able to literally make someone SEE things they are not really seeing. You will go into the studio with Brad Christian to learn step-by-step, how to do and perform each illusion...

You cannot find this anywhere else. And it works.

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