5x Adafruit NeoPixel Diffused 8mm Through-Hole LED
Adafruit NeoPixel 8mm Through-Hole LEDs

5x Adafruit NeoPixel Diffused 8mm Through-Hole LED

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LOLwut? NeoPixels in through-hole variety? Oh yes, we haz them! If you like NeoPixel strips you'll luv these 8mm diffused through-hole NeoPixels. All the single-pin-controlling-hundreds-of-LEDs goodness in a breadboard friendly format. Each LED looks just like your classic through-hole 8mm RGB LED with 4 legs, but instead of just red/green/blue there's a little chip inside that can control the LED with high speed PWM for 24-bit color.

Power them with 5V and chain them together, tying the Data-Out pin of one to the Data-in of the previous one in the chain. If you're using an Arduino, you can control these LEDs with our wonderfully-written Neopixel library for Arduino. They also work great with Adafruit's Trinkets. Note that these are "RGB" instead of "GRB" format used in the 5050-sized LEDs you are so used to. Check in the NeoPixel example code for how to swap the colors automagically.

These great looking LEDs are also fast and responsive with diffused color that will make your project glow!

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