Universal 28 pin ZIF DIP socket
28 Pin ZIF Socket

Universal 28 pin ZIF DIP socket

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Part Number:ASD1260
28 Pin IC ZIF Socket with 2.54mm pitch. This is a must have for any circuit that has you swapping out 28 pin (or less) ICs on a consistent basis. Even more of a necessity if you need to have an IC in your circuit that you don't want the pins bent in as to fit a normal DIP socket. A lift of the lever and you release your IC. A push down and your new chip is locked very securely into place.

People commonly put one of these in an Arduino Uno and then they can quickly change out the Atmega328's for different projects. But pressing one of these into the socket of an Arduino will alter the pins of the socket so if you put this in it's permanent. What I do is press an extra 28 Pin DIP socket on the bottom of the ZIF socket and plug that one into the Arduino. This save the Arduino and gives the convenience of fast IC switching but only when I need it.

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