Piezo Electronic Buzzer 3-24VDC - 2 Pack
Piezo Electronic Buzzer 3-24v

Piezo Electronic Buzzer 3-24VDC - 2 Pack

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Part Number:ASD1074
  • Mounting Holes
  • Operating Voltage: 3 - 24V
  • Rate Voltage: 12V DC
  • Buzzer Type: Piezoelectric
  • Frequency 3900±500Hz
  • Drive Method: Drive Circuit Built in
  • Sound Pressure Level 87/30dB
  • Max Current Rating 10mA

Great Piezoelectric buzzer for your projects. Has quality casing with mounting holes and colored lead wire hook-ups. This module has a built in drive circuit so it will sound if all you supply is power. You can also control the pitch of the tone by controlling the frequency. Great for Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any microcontroller 3.3v and up. Item comes with 2 modules

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