4x4 16 button Membrane Keypad
4x4 Membrane Keypad

4x4 16 button Membrane Keypad

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Part Number:ASD1057
  • 16 Button Matrix
  • Adhesive back for easy mounting
  • 0-9 # * A-D
  • 8 Pin Female Output Connector
  • Life Expectancy: 1 Million Actuations
  • Contact Bounce: <5ms
  • Circuit Rating: 35VDC, 100mA
  • Insulation Spec: 100M Ohm

This high quality 4x4 Keypad Matrix lets you quickly add controls to your electronics project. It offers 0-9 numerals, A-D letters, and standard star(*) and hash(#) symbols. Buttons have a very tactile actuation. Output is sensed through a flexible 3 inch ribbon cable with an 8 pin female header. This means you can get 16 inputs through 8 pins. The keypad also has an adhesive backing so you can quickly mount it anywhere you want.

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