Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V/5V Module
Breadboard Power Supply

Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V/5V Module

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This solderless breadboard Power Supply Module makes powering your prototype a snap. With a standard 2.1mm barrel jack you can power it with a 9v battery using a snap-on connector or a wall-wart. With a convenient ON/OFF button switch with indicator LED you don't have to keep plugging in and unplugging your power source. The rails are powered separately so you can have one side as 3.3v and the other as 5v. There is also an off position for the jumper to break the circuit and not power the rail at all. The board has a 2 x 4 group of male headers with 2 sets for 3.3v to GND and 2 sets for 5v to GND. One of my favorite features is the USB-A port to plug in your USB powered dev boards like an Arduino. This gives the added benefit of tying the breadboard ground to the dev boards ground as well. There is a nice feature set in this little board and it's a real time saver.

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